Voices for Death Row Inmates Banner of Hope

Voices for Death Row inmates got together with London artist Carrie Riechadrt and came up with the idea of a Hankies for Hope banner ... this banner is made from cotton hankies .. hankies being something we wipe tears of sadness away with. During the time the death penalty was in practice in the United Kingdom, the judge when passing a death sentence would place a black hankie on his head as he did so .
Each hankie represents a soul , a soul awaiting their fate or already executed . The name, prison ID number and State is written on the hankie. There are also birds flying free. Bird cages ,hearts , angels , candl
es , leaves and flowers painted onto the banner, again all symbolic.
They have been stitched together with orange ribbons between each one , orange being the colour of oppression and the colour of the jumpsuit a death row inmate wears when being moved from one place to another ... so this banner is very symbolic in everyway
This banner has grown over the last few months …but we want people to add the names of their loved ones and pen pals to the Banner of Hope.

If you would like to add a name of an inmate who has been executed or is on death row please contact us via our facebook page or via our website
Below see our Banner of Hope SO FAR!! More names will be added soon

The Banner of Hope So far


Friday, 18 January 2013

STOP the execution of Kimberly McCarthy

The family, friends and supporters of Kimberly McCarthy are petitioning Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole in effort to save Kimberly from being put to death by the State of Texas. Kimberly suffered from a severe addiction to crack cocaine in the 1990's, and her life went into a downward spiral, into the underworld of drugs. Her association with the wrong people coupled with her out of control drug use became a lethal combination which led to tragedy. Prior to her drug use Kimberly had no criminal record and was in the field of helping and healing the sick as an occupational therapist! When she was introduced to drugs her life took a dark and destructive turn that led to tragedy! A tragedy that she lives with daily and is deeply remorseful for. Over the years Kimberly's faith in God has strengthened. Her spirit and personality touch each and every person she encounters. We are asking that Kimberly's sentence be commuted. That the State of Texas show mercy!! Killing Kimberly will not bring the victim back. It will only create more suffering and heartache. More victims. She could be such a positive influence to others. God can use her to touch the lives of other women headed down the road to destruction. Sincerely PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-execution-of-kimberly-mccarthy

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  1. I wonder if those of us who oppose the death penalty spend any time actually thinking about the victims families and friends? This is not a criticism, but for me it is a time to reflect on the consequences of our actions as human beings. The death penalty touches so many people in different ways. When asking people to sign a petition for the commutation of a death sentence would it be worth while to consider the totality of those events that led to a death sentence? Should we not read and understand the nature and details of the crime? Should we not consider the person who had their life prematurely taken? Tell us about the victim. Tell us about their occupation and the missed promise and potential that life may have held for them. Tell us about their spouse. Tell us about their children. Tell us about their parents. Tell us about the people that the victim loved and who loved them. Tell us how the prisoners crime impacted the loved ones and friends of the victim. I am a firm believer that justice should be tempered with mercy. I also believe that all life [including unborn life] is sacred as a result of my faith and the belief that every person has value as being created in the image and likeness of our creator. Being convinced that God loves and values everyone we should be concerned about the deliberate taking of another human life. No one has the God given right or authority to deliberately take someones life. Neither the murderer nor the state. Is is God alone who by divine providence gives and takes life. It's sometimes difficult to watch my Christian brethren go to great lengths to preserve unborn life and yet turn around and demand and even celebrate the destruction of human beings by means of state sponsored homicide. It would be my pleasure to sign as many petitions as possible and pray for a positive outcome.